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When I heard Cynthia perform her poem, “Womyn” at the Last Poet Standing competition in 2014, I was rocked to the core. It was the first time I had ever heard such a dynamic performer. She didn’t win the competition, but she won me over. Her words made my heart beat faster and I’ve been a fan ever since. Cynthia, please never stop!

Staci Shockley-Matthews, Dayton, OH

Thank you so much, Cynthia Amoah, for embracing the gift that you have been graced with. What a grand experience it was to see, hear and feel your presence during one of your performances at the Ohio State University. I am a better human being for having met you and I haven’t even gotten to the part about your impact on my daughter who will be an upcoming freshman at OSU in the fall. We reference you much as she is finding her own voice… she too is a poet, writer and performer. You, my dear, are on a path in His will and destined to make a huge impact on the world. I am so thankful for your life.

Chiquita R. Nalls Toure, Columbus, OH

In our top SUNY and “premier public university” alma mater at Binghamton University, Cynthia was always a breath of fresh air. She dropped conscious words before the term being “woke” was popular. And at a predominately white institution, although we cultivated a strong black presence and atmosphere, her words resonated with me and with many other people that looked like us. Keep doing your thing, Cynthia. We need to make sure there’s no shortage of sisters doing their thing despite all the obstacles and challenges black women face on a daily basis.

Dominic Davy, New York, NY

The poem Cynthia delivered in my classroom spoke to the heart of EVERY young person in the room! And the writing that emerged, even for my most reluctant writers was unbelievable! As an educator, I try to always engage the expertise we have in the community to connect with young people. Cynthia was able to come in during a creative writing project, share her work and my students were immediately captivated and inspired. I think they saw and felt her warmth and authenticity and could definitely identify with her message. Thank you again Cynthia!

Yolanda Triplett Stewart, Columbus, OH

I remember how low I was feeling about the total disregard of black lives in this country and the power of Cynthia’s words calmed me for a moment. When I feel low about the many obstacles life throws at me, I say to myself, “keep going butterfly.” This is what she taught me. Cynthia, you are truly a gift and are deeply talented. I’m so proud of you and you’re such an inspiration.

Lachoy Harris, New York, NY

My first time watching Cynthia put on a performance was at a friend’s wedding back in 2013. She instantly gained a fan that day. I also had the honor to watch her live at a non-profit charity gala for Nationwide Children’s Hospital and that night solidified her works with me. She’s captivating, been following her ever since.

Joseph Danso, Columbus, OH

Cynthia’s words are simply phenomenal. Listen closely or you will miss the meaning behind her words.

Anna Opoku-Agyemang, Baltimore, MD

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