• “It was the first time I had ever heard such a dynamic performer
    and an incredibly moving performance.”

    – Staci Shockley-Matthews, Dayton, OH

  • “I am a better human being for having met Cynthia and her poems.”

    – Chiquita R. Nalls Toure, Columbus, OH

  • “Cynthia is a breath of fresh air.”

    – Dominic Davy, New York, NY

  • “Cynthia was able to come in during a creative writing project in my classroom, share her work with my students, and they were immediately captivated and inspired.”

    – Dr. Yolanda Triplett Stewart, Educator, Columbus, OH

  • “I remember how low I was feeling about the
    total disregard of black lives in this country and the
    power of Cynthia’s words calmed me – even for a moment.”

    – Lachoy Harris, New York, NY

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